Dog Zone


The digital ramblings of DDM.

An archive of the old Dead Dog Mountain site.

AUTUMN 2007: DDM goes 21st century with a YouTube site. The DDM YouTube site has the same videos that are on MySpace, Trainers, Fire & Nasty Face.

SPRING 2007: We have set up a Myspace account. Come and be our friend or just check out some unreleased recordings and videos.DDM MySpace
Check out the recent DigiDogz , DogDubz and FunkDogz projects also appearing on MySpace.

SPRING 2003: After a number of requests we have decided to release an CD of DDM material entitled W*RK & other 4-letter words. This album was originally planned for release in 2000 but was shelved after the decision to close the DDM project. At the moment you can only buy it online with PayPal, all major cards accepted. It is also available on Amazon and iTunes for download.All proceeds will be spent on beer and drugs.

WINTER.2000: Welcome to the Dogzone.
All good things come to an end, and so it is with DDM. After attempting the 10th anniversary gigs we realised we had become lackadaisical.
So, we have decided to terminate this project and focus our energies elsewhere. Hopefully we will all collaborate again under a different guise.
Links to related sites will appearing here.

The rest of the band continue with a new project called motherboard connection.
We hope that the past 10yrs has provided some sort of entertainment to you and this site will remain here for as long as possible for your use. It may even grow as we begin to archive a decade of dance.
It's been fun, C ya.
Resistance is furtile.

Skin up and explore. One lov'. Dr.Edd

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