The story so far...

It was nearing the cusp of the new millenium when the radikal Dr. Edd was forced to retire his Dead Dogs. State enforcement agencies shut down his operation and destroyed all evidence of it ever existing. The anarchic Doctor's ten year experiment into revolutianary entertainment using the reanimated corpses of laboratory dogs brought back to life by enfusing the dying moments of their experimenters brainwaves was over.

Shortly before terminating the Dead Dogs Dr.Edd was able to blow their personalities, memories and behaviours onto several EPROMS. Most of the data survived intact as the sinister Doctor escaped the greasy clutches of the state.

Cunningly changing his appearance just by getting older, the doctor laboured away in a secret and hidden location rebuilding his dogs in virtual space. Putting together the pieces pixel by pixel, byte by bite the doctor rebuilt his Dog band in a new and improved fashion. Cut away from the ties of flesh and biological function the libertarian doctor pronounced that the Dogs were finally and truly free.

They were now Digital Dogs...

Artist: DigiDogz
Title: You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tracks
Download: £3.50

Description: A modern remake of old Dead Dog Mountain songs from more than 20 years ago. The songs are just as relevant today. Three of the original five dogs minted this.

ID: SYN 006
Year: © ® 2014
Genre: Punk/Alternative

Track Listing: Family Man • Downpression Blues • Screaming Song • Hold Hands • Gold • Chocolate Jesus • Animal • Killing Machine • Poorman • Out

Artist: Digi Dogz
Title: DogsHitz
Download: £3.50

Description: Picking up from where Dead Dog Mountain left off. This is a collection of tracks featuring various members from DDM in all new tracks written specifically for the album.

ID: SYN 002
Year: © ® 2008
Genre: Punk/Indie/Alternative

Track Listing: Mischief • Roots and Culture • Same Shit • Wrong • Brand New Day • Day That Love Came To Town • Mek Me Laugh • Ladybird Song • Time • Our Godz • Papal Blues

Artist: Dead Dog Mountain
Title: W*rk & other 4-letter Words
Download: £3.50

Description: Dead Dog Mountain's last collection of recordings from 1999. The only proper album release that came towards the end of their 10 year life span. Originally released in 1999, this is the 2008 remastered version. None of these tracks have appeared on the free Puppy for Xmas releases.

ID: SYN 004
Year: © 1999 ® 2008
Genre: Punk/Indie/Alternative

Track Listing: Big Bud • CCTV • CCTV Redux • Sound of the Drum • Guns - Change the Deal • Royals Keep Swinging • Death by Misadventure • Trainers • Dear Shirley